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A Boston marketing group conducted research for my parenting business.

They surveyed 60 parents and asked them to describe parenting in one word. Over half of them used the word CHALLENGING.


As parents it is easy to feel judged, overwhelmed and confused by conflicting advice and information on the internet.

Friends and family give you well intentional advice but it may be incorrect or it doesn’t work with your child.


Parenting is a skill.  As with all skills, it needs to be learned. I can help give you the right tools to have a healthy, happy relationship with your child.

Most parents struggle at some time with their children, I know I did! Through studying and working with families for decades, I have more knowledge now compared to when I raised my children and I also have lots of first hand experience. I can guide you through the ups and downs of parenting and will help you with specific needs for your child.


I can help with


  • Understanding baby’s cues

  • Communication with your child

  • Bonding with your baby

  • Sleep basics

  • Typical development

  • Positive discipline

  • How to respond to tantrums

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Being reflective and not reactive

  • Teaching mutual respect and much more!


If you feel you are not enjoying being a parent, please contact me.

No question is too small!

Raising children can be challenging - I can help!


How do you build a relationship with your child? 

​When scrolling through social media it seems as if all the parents and children are smiling and having fun, but most parents struggle at some time with their child's behavior.   


The above picture is of my daughter, taken many years ago. I remember when I was in the post office with her and she was crying (really, she was bawling). There was a line of people (of course), no one was talking, and everyone looked at us. I was determined to buy the stamps that I needed but felt judged and wished my child would be quiet. I felt I was a bad mom. These moments are very hard..... we all want our children to be "good" but children need to express their emotions and sometimes they are sad, angry, and frustrated. Looking back, I am sure no one was judging me in the post office but it felt like that to me. 


What I could have said to my daughter is, "Wow! You are mad today!", or "What is wrong?", or "We will not be long!" She would not have answered but I would have been acknowledging her feelings. I would have been listening to her.

Relationship building is listening to your child and acknowledging their feelings.


Before going to the post office, I could have thought about is this a good time to go out? Is it nap time for her? Is she too tired to go out? Maybe I could have planned to go out at a different time? I would have been thinking of my child's needs and probably knew she would have a melt down in the post office.

Relationship building is thinking of your child's needs and understanding  your child's behavior.


Of course, sometimes we need to go out even when it is not a good time. If your child is older you could explain that you need to go to the shops but have an incentive for when your child gets home. This could be engaging in a favorite activity, reading a book together, playing a game or watching TV.


Relationship building is trying to understand how your child feels and responding to her.

 Need support? Get in touch! I would love to help.

Building a trusting relationship with your child helps them feel secure and increases their self esteem

one of Rosies daughters

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