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Carolyn G. 

Mother of Two 

"Rosie and I met when our daughters were in 3rd grade. She was the friend I’d turn to when I needed someone to listen or there was a situation I wasn’t sure how to handle. With four of her own children, (and a nursing background), she had answers. Rosie’s pragmatic advice was always supportive and reassuring, and her humor reminded me to laugh at myself when I need it most!"

Cate D. 

Mother of One

"Rosie has been wonderful in guiding and coaching with my daughter, age 10. She has helped me through this extraordinary pandemic year which has brought up many emotions for my daughter. As a mother it was so beneficial to have someone coaching and guiding us through."

Cate D.JPG

Liz R. 

Mother of Two 


"Rosie has given me invaluable advice. 
I adopted a 1 year baby girl and while this has been a truely amazing experience, it was also challenging at times. Rosie talked me through how and when to discuss the adoption with my daughter. She also recommended certain children’s books to read to her which told some lovely stories about adopted kids. Some of these stories have become real family favourites (the "Red Thread," in particular) and really helped my daughter understand  the adoption in an easy, natural and fun way. 
Rosie has been invaluable.  Would highly recommend."

Luisa F.

Mother of two

"I first met Rosie during an on-site nurse visit for the company we both were working at. I was translating. Rosie is very knowledgeable of early childhood and the ins and out of the medical field regarding young kids. Once I became pregnant, I instantly thought about Rosie and wanted her in my corner. I reached out and connected with her. Rosie's advise has led me to find other people who I also needed throughout my pregnancy journey (e.g., a therapist and a nutritionist). Throughout the months, Rosie and I met via FaceTime or Phone call where we talked about different topics regarding pregnancy. She indulged me with important information ranging from breastfeeding to what to expect with a new born. All helpful information that I needed. I look forward to continue our work after my new born is here to discuss future topics. 


Thank you Rosie for being a helpful, kind, and warm person. I appreciate you and all the knowledge you have provided thus far."


Bennie F. 

"Rosie provided lots of encouragement and reassurance when my children were little. Her wealth of parenting experience gives her a unique perspective and understanding as well as practical ideas which are very helpful." 

Mother of two

Tanika S.

"Rosie’s kindness and wisdom guided me through some challenging times while raising my oldest daughter. She encouraged me to trust my instincts and to trust that i was giving my daughter the care and support she needed during a difficult time. Today, I am the proud parent of a healthy, well- adjusted young adult who just completed her first year of college."

Mother of two

Kate S. 


"I contacted Rosie to get help with my 3 year old niece who was testing all the boundaries I’d set and driving me to distraction, leaving me feeling frustrated and annoyed. Rosie was brilliant- she listened attentively while we discussed the problems I was having, then gave me lots of very clear practical suggestions and scripts to use. I immediately felt a lot calmer and back in control. This has made a  huge difference to my life and on my niece’s behavior. I can’t thank you enough Rosie!"

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