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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

A friend sent me a Harvard longitudinal study which has been running for almost 80 years.

The main outcome of the study is that 'close relationships, more than money or fame ...keep people happy throughout their lives' writes Liz Mineo, staff writer, Harvard gazette, April 11 2017. Secure relationships help us with our happiness and longevity as well as 'delaying mental and physical decline.'

We all know that relationships matter with young children, we talk about attachment, bonding, compassion and we want our children to feel secure. These traits allow our children to learn the value of relationships and is a good predictor of success in later life. When a child feels good about themselves, their self esteem and confidence grows, they are more willing to try new things and have more positive outcomes.

So by nurturing our relationships with our children, when they enter adulthood, they in turn will be more likely to form happy, secure relationships with other people. And close relationships make us all happier! Check out the article below.

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