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Parenting is like Yoga

There are many different parenting styles:

Permissive parenting does not have many rules and limits. The parents allows their child to do as they wish for most of the time. The relationship is child driven. This may seem the easiest option as parents wish to avoid conflict but in the long term it leads to problems.

Authoritarian parenting has a lot of rules. The child has to obey the parent and cannot question the rules. The child is often punished. The relationship is parent driven.

Neglectful parenting is when the parents are not involved with their child. There is little guidance and nurturing and the parents are unaware of their child's needs.

Authoritative parenting has some rules to keep the child safe and responsible and the rules fit the child's age and understanding. The child can question the rules, often they are made together with the child. There is a lot of guidance and nurturing from the parents. 'Research shows that authoritative parents are most likely to raise independent, self reliant and socially competent kids.( Francyne Zeltse, child psychologist

So why is parenting like yoga?

Required: A strong frame work, solid foundation, practice... parenting is a skill as well. It needs to be learned. It doesn't need to be perfect. Mistakes happen. Be consistent. Have flexibility. And fun!

If you use the above traits in your parenting techniques- you will establish a happy ,healthy relationship with your child and other people.

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