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Good morning parents Today we will have our online discussion for Chapter 1 'How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk." It is about helping kids deal with their feelings. It is hard for us as parents to see our children going through a difficult time. Often we rush in to try and fix things. My main take away from chapter 1 :

1. Listen well- stop what you are doing, use eye contact. Often we are half listening to our children as we prepare dinner or scan our emails from work. Children pick up on this and feel they cannot communicate with us. 2. Don't say "What happened?" state the feeling " I see something is making you sad." 3. Try and let your child work out the problem/ find a solution ( they might feel they have no friends at school). When left alone children can be creative in finding their solution. If they are having difficulty, you could brainstorm together. 4. Say very little. Try just saying "mmm" or nodding your head. Often our presence is enough without trying to fix the problem. What are your thoughts?

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