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Loneliness as a New Mother

New mothers can feel lonely and isolated after giving birth to their baby.

My husband and I moved from London, UK to a small village on the south coast of England. We had 4 children under 5 years old, my husband travelled every month to the USA for his job and I had no family support. Although I was fortunate to have the choice that I could stay at home with the children, part of me wanted to work but another part of me wanted to be a stay at home mom. I had been working in London and had great child care, however I found moving house, looking for a new job and finding childcare for 4 young children very difficult.

I think as new moms we struggle with the decisions of work/ child care and balancing home life. It is all new and although we plan ahead, it is not easy to juggle everything. It takes compromise and negotiation with your partner about how your roles will change with a baby.

Moving house to a new area is stressful and making friends can take time. Even if you haven't moved to a different location, your friends can be working or are at at another stage in their life compared to you. Many new moms can feel isolated and lonely. It helps to chat to someone who understands the sleepless nights, the constant feeding and the leaking boobs.

There are many moms groups on line, your local library is a great resource for activities and you can contact me.

Don't struggle alone- reach out and talk to someone.

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