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Enjoy the moments

Changing diapers and feeding may seem repetitive at times (and with a newborn it can seem boring as it is all that you seem to do) but this an important time to bond with your infant and enjoy the time you spend together.

Every moment when you interact together is special. You are creating a trusting bond. When she cries, you are responding to her needs by picking her up and trying to soothe her (by feeding her, changing her diaper or just holding her). I am always asked if you can spoil a young baby by picking them up- NO.

Look at your baby's face, smile at her and she will learn to smile back. Singing and talking to your baby teaches her to communicate with you. She cannot say words but she will copy you. If she babbles- talk back to her. Chat away, telling her about your day- she will listen.

These moments are special- you are creating a unique relationship between you and your child.

Repetitive tasks can create special moments between you and your baby.

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