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Be kind to yourself

It has been a long time since my last blog. So much has happened in the last few weeks, I have changed jobs and like everyone else our life at home has changed.

There are a lot of challenges- some small, others are larger and we are all doing our best to muddle along. I know I have extra anxiety as I am worrying about the health of our children, our parents and of those friends and family who are vulnerable. Many of us are struggling with juggling jobs and having our children at home all the time. We need to find office space in our house and those of us who need to go to work have extra anxiety about their health and those around them. We are trying to support our children who are learning to cope with a new way of learning. We are all adjusting with the loss of normality and not seeing our friends and family.

My one bit of advice (that I try to follow) is to be kind to yourself and do what works for your family. Many parents are worried about all the screen time their children are having. However, these are not normal times so try and relax and go with the flow. Try and have harmony within the family which may mean relaxing some previous rules and expectations.

So how can we relax during this challenging time? For me, I enjoy getting outside. It is good for my physical and mental health. Feeling the sun on my face makes me happy. I have stopped following every news feed- I cannot cope with hearing about Covid 19 every minute of the day. I am reading a funny book and connecting more with family and friends. We all need to be connected.

Take this time to relax and appreciate the simple things in life.

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