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Parenting support for birth to 5 years  from a professional parent coach.


Skilled parenting in the early years promotes longterm well being for your child.


Welcome to 'After the Hatch', support and guidance for parents.  I am a parent coach and a mom of 4 children, 2 sets of twins. I know and understand the emotions many of you are going through. Parenting has ups and downs and can feel overwhelming and at times, stressful.  

GROUPS- Led by me, Rosie Price, a parent coach ( MA in Family Studies, RN, worked in Yale Parenting Program and is a mom of 2 sets of twins).

 CAREGIVER /BABY/ TODDLER GROUPS  are having a break in the summer. More info later! 

 With groups you can expect: Lots of fun and interaction with songs, stories, for your little one and you meet other moms/ caregivers.  Each week, we discuss different parenting topics such as sleeping, behavior, temperament and brain development. Bring your concerns/ questions!

I have decades of experience working with families as a clinical nurse, midwife and also through Yale University's parenting program. I have held clinical, supervisory and teaching positions. Although my Master's degree in Family Studies provides my theoretical knowledge, (using the family systems and attachment theories); it is my personal experience as a mom and as parent educator which allows me to connect and understand with parents. I can help with guiding a child's behavior, relationship building and forming strategies for positive parenting. 


Most parents have challenges when raising their child. I know I did! I can talk to you about the normal, everyday struggles you are having with your newborn baby Having a new baby is a big change. How do you you cope with breastfeeding and sleeping? Is their behavior normal?Why are they crying? Why don't they listen? What can you do to help with their anger? Tackling the small problems today can prevent bigger problems in the future. 

How can I help? I will listen to your concerns and I can give you tools to help with positive parenting. I believe 'behavior is communication', your child is trying to tell you something. Often it just takes a couple of sessions to see improvement in your child's behavior. 

If you feel overwhelmed or you just aren't happy with your child's behavior, contact me for an individual or small, informal group sessions. There is no charge for the first 15 minute session.

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About Rosie

Rosie Price, MA, RN, midwife is a professional parent coach based out of Madison, CT providing specialist parenting advice for infants (birth - 12 months), toddlers (1-3 years) and children (up to 5 years, but is happy to help with older children too). In her 25+ years, she has seen every child-rearing challenge. She is a personal coach, helping you navigate the ups and downs of parenting.


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Family Unwrapping

"Practical, useful advice. Very helpful."

- Elena W. Mother of Two


"Rosie and I met when our daughters were in 3rd grade. She was the friend I’d turn to when I needed someone to listen or there was a situation I wasn’t sure how to handle. With four of her own children, (and a nursing background), she had answers. Rosie’s pragmatic advice was always supportive and reassuring, and her humor reminded me to laugh at myself when I need it most!" -Carolyn G., Mother of Two

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"Rosie has been wonderful in guiding and coaching with my daughter, age 10. She has helped me through this extraordinary pandemic year which has brought up many emotions for my daughter. As a mother it was so beneficial to have someone coaching and guiding us through." -Cate D., Mother of One

"Rosie has given me invaluable advice. I adopted a 1 year baby girl and while this has been a truly amazing experience, it was also challenging at times. Rosie talked me through how and when to discuss the adoption with my daughter. She also recommended certain children’s books to read to her which told some lovely stories about adopted kids. Some of these stories have become real family favorites (the "Red Thread," in particular) and really helped my daughter understand  the adoption in an easy, natural and fun way. Rosie has been invaluable. Would highly recommend". -Liz R., Mother of Two


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